Our Story

Since 1985, Sea Fresh has been serving up the freshest catch from the Pacific Coast and around the world.

On that year, Bill and Mayra Sutton along with Mayra's brother Gus opened their first Sea Fresh in Ojai, Ca.

In 2000 they opened their Channel Islands location, and because of a devastating fire five years later, they lost both the restaurant and Fish Market. In 2008 though came a new beginning, the start of a new partnership with Chris, (Bill and Mayra's son) and Tamara his wife joining the family business in their rebuilt Channel Island location.

But their story began long before that.

Bill's love for the ocean began at the ripe old age of four, when his dad took him on a fishing trip. As he got a little older, his mom would drop him off at the pier in Redondo Beach. Bill would bring his catch home, and with red wagon in tow sold his catch to local neighbors. At 15 he started working on a sport boat called the Pursuit, this would satisfy his love of the ocean until he graduated high school and was able to fish commercially full time. In 1973 Bill and Mayra where married and in 1977 with the financial help of Mayra's Parents built and launched their 42 foot fishing boat the Aurelia.

Bill still fishes daily, weather permitting, and supplies the restaurants with the highest quality seafood caught locally.

Chris has worked in the family business since he was a youngster, including fishing with his dad on the Aurelia, his love for fishing, food and people bring a fresh new feel to this new location that he and Tamara will call home.

We believe that everyone will love fish if it's truly fresh. Our family welcomes you, and we hope you enjoy your visit and all that the waters bounty has to offer.

Hope to see you soon!

Bill, Mayra, Chris and Tamara